I’m Jon, and I work as a Software Developer and Cloud Architect. I have a long background working in the life sciences, starting with a PhD, and following with a PostDoc. I found my way into data science and software working at KNIME (so much fun!), and shortly I’ll be starting as a scientific software developer at Idorsia in (Allschwil) Basel, Switzerland.

In my free time I’m often found riding my bike (roadbike, or mountain bike) in the hills around Basel, or the Swiss Alps. When it gets too cold for bike riding, I swap the bike for some skis.

I’ve explained a little bit about why I’ve created this website on my first blog post. I’d love to hear if you find anything on the website useful, or if you have some feedback. I’m more than happy for you to get in touch via my social media profiles (or via the email address on the Imprint) page, that page also details the site privacy policy.