Jon Fuller

Scientific Software Developer | Basel, Switzerland


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  • English (Native)
  • German (Advanced)

Technical Skills

Ordered by proficiency


  • Java
  • Python
  • R


  • AWS (Certified Solution Architect Associate)
  • Azure

Server / Deployment

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes


  • Linux
  • Bash
  • KNIME Server

Soft Skills

  • English (Native)
  • German (Proficient)
  • Media Training
  • Public Speaking

Open Source

  • To my shame I’ve not contributed code to an open source project yet. But that will change shortly…


I help teams design and build data science applications that scale in the cloud.


Scientific Software Developer

Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd | November 2019 to present

Just getting started as a scientific software developer.

Solution Architect

KNIME AG | April 2017 to October 2019

Multiple responsibilities within a small and growing startup. Product owner (KNIME Server). Define software requirements, manage priorities. Involved in defining strategy and technical guidance for marketing strategy. Provide guidance for the development team. Architecting new microservice setup, with deployment on Kubernetes (AWS EKS).

Cloud Architect

KNIME AG | April 2016 to October 2019 Cloud marketplace AMI/VM build automation and submission (AWS and Azure) using Packer and Jenkins. Linux and Windows Server builds. Templated launch of multi AMI deployments using AWS CloudFormation. Investigating KNIME software usage models with AWS and Azure services such as S3, Redshift, Athena, HDInsight, SQL Server.

Application Scientist

KNIME AG | April 2015 to October 2017

Pre-sales application support. Software demos. Suggest deployment architectures for prospective customers. Building PoCs using KNIME software. Life Science specialist.

Research Scientist

Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies | October 2010 to March 2015

  • Software tools to assist systems biology researchers with data mining and integration
  • Homology modelling and simulation of proteins to support experimental partners
  • Drug binding kinetics and mechanisms governing binding kinetics
  • Molecular dynamics simulations of proteins, and phospholipid bilayers
  • Brownian dynamics simulations for protein docking, and to calculate binding kinetics
  • Detection and characterisation of protein-ligand binding sites


PhD Bioinformatics

September 2006 to September 2010

PhD study at University of Leeds, supervised by Richard Jackson.

Thesis title: Computational approaches for drug design at the Protein-Protein interface

My PhD was primarily focussed on questions regarding the concept of how ‘druggable’ a pocket on a protein surface might be, and on performing alchemical free-energy calculations on small-molecule mimetics of a helical portion of the p53 protein that regulates apoptosis via binding to a pocket on the hDM2 protein.

My studies included a 2 month visit to work in the laboratory of Prof. Michael Shirts at the University of Virginia funded by a CCPB USPA travel award. This resulted in the publication of 2 articles describing work carried out in part in Virginia.

BA Physics, Class II Division 1

September 2003 to July 2006

Studied Physics, and included coursework in Java Programming.