Why I made a website

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XKCD Comic: Wisdom of the ancients

I recently realised that I’ve been working in science/IT/computing for long enough that it’s starting to get embarrassing that I don’t have my own website. Also I’ve realised more and more that it’s just a great habit to get into writing things up. Either to encourage yourself to document stuff that you’ve done, making it easier for yourself or others to use, or to help crystalise your thinking around more complex topics.

I’ll be following up with a couple of posts about the new PC that I recently built, and also about a bunch of setup that I did there to help make my development environment run relatively smoothly.

Oh, and of course I’ll be writing up how I setup this website based on my criteria of being able to generate a website that could be statically hosted somewhere like AWS S3.

So here’s the website. It’s meant to be helpful for me, but if you’re reading then maybe you found it helpful too!

Thanks, and welcome.